Saturday, June 11, 2011

Bourjois healthy mix foundation- The misleading SA and Indepth Babbling

Do you get irritated when you go asking for a decent loose powder and the SA’s shove some mineral powder foundations in your face? Well after this happened to me for like 20 times, i did get super irritated.
Anyway I had told you girls some time ago that I had been looking for a new foundation for oily skin. I even needed a loose powder. I had finally made up my mind to by Revlon’s colourstay  foundation in combination to oily skin and had almost bought it, when I noticed that the foundation looked separated. It looked like two different colours were inside the bottle. When I inquired about it, the SA persisted that the foundation is in good condition and showed me the rest of the bottles which also looked like this. hhmmmm… but I knew that if I bought it, I wouldn’t be completely satisfied. So I went towards other counters when the Bourjois counter caught my eye. Now I have heard a lot about this healthy mix range and how natural it is and all that, but had never considered to buy it. The first question I asked the SA was if this had SPF, she told me it has SPF15. I also inquired if bourjois had loose powder which is used to set foundation . I didn’t want to rattle my brains out on this topic again so I just told her to pack bourjois healthy glow foundation and its loose powder.
Now when I was paying for this, the SA informed me that I had got a free Bourjois kohl and contour pencil. They had an offer on the purchase of products above INR 1500. Of course I got super happy. You know how we girls are.
At home when I was checking out these goodies I noticed that there was no SPF in these products. GASP. The SA had misinformed me. Urrghhh. But when I checked out the reviews online I relaxed a little cuz this healthy mix foundation has got majorly good reviews.
In fact this has also been voted as the product of the year for 2011!!
I was pretty sure that the powder I had bought was loose powder as I had even checked it out on other blogs before.. Turns out I was wrong!!
So when I was puffing up with this powder(which I have to do a lot cuz of the oiliness), after a while I noticed that things started to get a little caked up. After some hard-core research I found out that it indeed in powder foundation. Uuuurrrgggghhh again! I am not saying that it is bad, its just that you cannot puff up with powder foundation.  It would definitely cake up.
So instead of a foundation and a loose powder, I ended up buying two foundations.
I’ll write the reviews about these products after using them for at least a week or two. Overall I am happy, I think I have made good purchases even if by mistake.

So, have you tried this healthy foundation range yet?
Presently, what foundation are you using ?


  1. I find that most SA's are very badly informed about the products they keep, mostly because they keep switching.
    One minute they're with lakme, and revlon the next. :/

    I would have gone back and yelled my lungs out, heh.

    Anyway, I'm glad it worked out for you in the end. :)

  2. you're right!! I never listen to them when purchasing items. those SA's just know how to sell stuff. :) Great post! glad you liked your purchases. Waiting for the reviews now <3

  3. healthy mix is good..nt heard about its powder foundation..wud wait for ur review..

  4. Gingy.. looks like u lucked out :D
    do post reviews.. have heard really good things about the Healthy Mix Foundation.

  5. aiyyo! But as long as you got nice stuff in the end.. Try the TBS Loose powder.. Its really nice.. or you could also check MAC, the Prep+ Prime thing, and/or Lakme rose powder..
    sorry for excess info!:P

  6. @shrutiyala - lol. yup even i am glad that i liked it. its raining so badly in mumbai i wouldnt have been able to go back to yell my lungs out.
    @ sarah - yes, i wish they were informed better about the products. will review the products soon sweets..

  7. @bhumika
    thats the thing no one has heard about its powder foundation. every one was mistaking this for loose powder. even the site has not stated that clearly.
    but my bad too, it is written on the packaging, not clearly enough though.

  8. @rajeshwari- i m already loving it.
    @ik- i love excess info iks, specially from you!!

  9. It happens with me always ... Not specifically while purchasing cosmetics.. You ask for "A product" they will flood you with "B", "C" & "D" too. I believe as per them a confused customer can be fooled easily .. very irritating

  10. well I dnt use foundation... just kajal and lipstick I stick too...

    but wud look fr ur review...

    and thx fr ur kind words... I m just not updating that blog anymore...
    I regularly now blog at


    Thanks for your kind words...
    I m not anymore putting poems in that blog...
    I m regular blog at other... i.e.

    Take CAre

  11. Thanks for visiting my blog! Now following. It'd be great if you could follow back. =)


  12. I look forward to the reviews!! Cute blog, have a nice weekend!

  13. What an experience. Yeah, I agree, SA sometimes do not know what they are selling. At least you are still loving them in the end. :)

  14. Ugh that's so obnoxious. I hate it when people who work for the brand have no idea what they're talking about. Two foundations and neither has SPF in it? Ridiculous.

    Have you tried Murad's oil-free mattifying lotion with SPF? It's seriously AMAZING. I have super oily skin and this is the only product that has worked for me.

    I follow with a tinted moisturizer from Girlactic with SPF (amazing!), followed by a light brush of Bare Mineral's Matte foundation with SPF, and Bare Minerals Mineral Viel.

    But if you're more worried about oil control and less about coverage, you could skip the tinted moisturizer all together. But I like both so I use all of these products.

    Hope this helps!


  15. Too bad about being misled.

  16. I hate it when you get told the wrong information, they should know about the products they're selling. They're usually caked in make up so you'd think they'd know all about it!



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