Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Bourjois Healthy Mix Liquid Foundation Review

Price : INR950, £9.99 for 30ml (could not find out its price in US.)
70% more radiance and flawless complexion for up to 16 hours!
Bourjois' 1st radiance-boosting fruit therapy foundation for a flawless complexion for up to 16hrs!
•Apricot > radiance
•Melon > hydration
•Apple > antioxidant
•Ginger > energy
Its exquisite glide-on formula blends onto the skin for a flawless, yet natural finish.
And.. it's good for my skin:
· 8 hrs moisture
· Lets skin breathe
· Dermatologically tested

Well all the natural ingredients just sound heavenly. ( And finally a beauty product that contains ginger!! YAY! J) It also claims to moisturise skin. I think this foundation suits all skin types.
Has got a dewy, glow kind of finish.
Has great staying power. And I am talking about extreme conditions. I am an oily and in July the weather in Mumbai gets as humid as possible. It will stay on all day just puff it nicely with loose powder whenever you need to.
Comes in a pump bottle which is made of plastic. So full marks for packaging, it is hygienic and easy to carry around.
Gives medium, natural looking coverage.
There are 8 shades available, though only five in India. Still I don’t mind it that much, because so many companies just launch 3 shades in India.
Before i forget, this has been voted as the product of the year 2011 in UK.
My Rating : 4.5/5 ( If it had SPF it would really be perfect. )
Paisa Vasool : Totally!
So what foundation are you using currently?


  1. Wow.. now you make me want to buy it all the more :)

  2. thanx for review i am searching for r new foundation base, it will help me

  3. I love my Maybelline Wonder Finish foundation. But this sounds more amazing. ^^

  4. I have to try this :) thanks for the wonderful review <3

  5. Haha you're right. It seems no female is happy with her skin tone, whether she's tan or white. We always want what we can't have.

  6. Ahhh, this is making me want to try this even more! =)

  7. I really want to try this! I think its deffo on my list! I'd love for you to check out my mac lipstick giveaway and enter!:) x

  8. Ginger! How be you? You won a blog award! Check it out here

  9. Hi! really nice review, please accept your lovely blog award.

  10. This sounds like a must try product. I don't think I've ever seen the label sold here, but I love all the fruity ingredients :-).

    Thanks for your comment on my blog!

  11. This is my current favourite

  12. I love this foundation its great, Im trying the gel version and so far it seems good. Looking forward to future posts as I have started following youxx
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