Friday, July 22, 2011

Green Tea Forever

I was almost tempted to title this post as “Drink green tea for god’s sake!!”
If you are not yet familiar with the benefits of green tea this article is for you, and you should really get out from the rock that you live under more often. (just kidding :))
From the start of this year, I have picked up two wonderful habits, blogging and drinking green tea.
Green Tea Benefits. Green Tea Anti-Oxidants

Green tea has numerous health benefits. Its main reason is that it is rich in anti-oxidants, mainly the anti-oxidant “EGCG”. There are naturally occurring particles in the body known as free radicals that are associated with ageing and many diseases. Anti-oxidants slow down the formation of free radicals. Anti-oxidants protect our cells, make our immune system stronger and keep our skin young and healthy in the long run.
Another benefit that green tea is known for is weight loss. Green tea increases body metabolism and thus helps in losing weight. EGCG present in green tea is also known to inhibit the growth of cancer cells. And beat this, the doctor suggested green tea to my brother for hair loss!
There are many types of green tea present in the market. For starters, you can try out the tea bags which are convenient to use. Also there are many flavours available in the market.
Right now I am hooked to Tetley green tea “honey and lemon”. A pack of ten Tetley tea bags costs INR 42. I have tried the other flavours too and like this one the best.
Tetley says: Normal cellular processes as well as environmental factors like pollution, smoking and stress result in the formation of harmful molecules called free radicals in our body. Antioxidants inhibit the harmful effects of free radicals, preventing damage to healthy cells and tissues. Tetley green tea is rich in naturally occurring anti-oxidants a wonderful way to protect you from within!

One great tip for skin:
Don’t just throw your tea bags. Green tea is great for skin if applied directly too. You can use the tea bags to cleanse your face. Just wet the tea bags and gently pat them on your face and neck. You can even keep the tea bags in the fridge/freezer and later use them as eye packs. :)



  1. love green the taste....informative post....

  2. omg..finally i found someone who seems to love green tea as much as i do. blogging while drinking green tea is the best.

  3. "I have picked up two wonderful habits, blogging and drinking green tea." right on!.. but I started a month ago.. :P
    and i lurrvvee green tea! :P ( i actually typed green tee!) .. I haven't tried the tetley one though.. I love Twinings green tea! :)

  4. Thanks for the last tip. I drink a lot of green tea too. I like the Dilma Morracan Mint. It is really great.

  5. @sahar.. thanks sweets
    @Asta oh yes. even i like blogging with green tea!!

  6. @viya -i have tried twinning too. its just as good.
    @anu- thank ya

  7. @from broadway- oh yeah!
    @paps- havent tried that. will do. :)

  8. The Skin tip - is great help :)

  9. Hey check my blog u gt 5 blog awards :)

  10. Thanks for the reminder of the pros of green tea. I will be adding it to this weeks shopping list :)

  11. Hahah 'drink green tea for god's sake' sounds better. But alas! whatever i do i just cant stand the taste of green tea. Though I know how beneficial it really is.

  12. GREAT blog! you are so interesting and inspirational! i love it! if you get the chance to check out my blog i would love to see what your opinions are on it!

    follow me?

  13. Need to up my green tea intake...honey and lemon looks nice! x

  14. Oh my goodness, green tea is the best thing EVER. There's no denying it. I drink green tea basically every day. So healthy and everything you said is SO TRUE.


  15. great post I drink green tea every day! It's so gooddd and good for you :D

  16. i am staying in mumbai..want to buy green tea..where do i get it from???

  17. I just love the way you structure yur articles :} And this one is really informative...thanks and keep blogging coz its damn nice to keep reading your updates :D

  18. I just love the yu structure yur articles :D... Keep going with the good work....and this article is really informative and your blog is one inspiration for journalism students like me to strt blogging..:D.

    1. Thank you for posting such a sweet comment on this old post Harrita! You made me come back here, and it seems like I had written this a gazillion years ago. And yes, please do start with your blog! :)


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