Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Body Shop Almond Oil Nail and Cuticle Treatment- Review

Look at this baby. Isn’t it adorable?

Price: INR 495 for 1.8ml

From the site -

This handy two-in-one pen softens cuticles while caring for dry, brittle nails. It contains sweet almond oil.   • Moisturising • Tidies cuticles • Sweet almond scent

Key ingredients: Sweet almond oil • panthenol • Community Fair Trade soya oil • Community Fair Trade olive oil • Community Fair Trade beeswax • vitamin A • vitamin E   Our Community Fair Trade soya oil comes from organic, non-GM soya beans, grown in southern Brazil using traditional farming methods free of harmful pesticides and fertilisers. The beans are hand-harvested and pressed to extract the oil. 

Instructions: Remove cap. Twist end of pen to dispense oil, brush oil onto cuticles and massage in. Using tool on cap, gently push down cuticles. 

My View

What made me buy this product was that it was on 50% off.
J You have to twist the bottom of the pen to get oil on the brush-tip applicator. Don’t go overboard with the twisting. Usually one click is good enough for one hand. The fragrance is of sweet almond oil and is yummy! The soft, rubbery, cuticle pusher on top somewhat justifies the price.The brush-tip applicator makes the application easy and non-messy.This did make my nails stronger and moisturized cuticles very well. 

Now having said that, it is too expensive. I guess this is the first time I am mentioning the price as a con… wait let me check.. Yup the first time. Because we can buy almond oil which will basically do the same job right? Now that I have the cuticle pusher, I most probably would not re-purchase this product :) . But if I find it on 50% off again, you never know.

My rating- 4.5

Paisa Vasool – Yes. The thing is, that it is convenient to have the cuticle pusher and the almond oil treatment in one handy product. It is easy to carry around and you can do this at maybe your office, while traveling or watching TV.


Have you used this product? What do you do to pamper your nails?


  1. It luks chic!!I have never tried a nail cream b4!I like d way u have reviewed :D

  2. What I usually do is take a nail buffer and buff my nails and then use the shining part of the buffer to polish my nails. Its pretty amazing Karishma. Get a nail buffer! ^_^. Btw, nice review.

  3. So much for nails! But yes, if it's value for money, totally worth it! I almost do nothing for my nails. Max put on mail colors... too lazy :P
    But yes, I take multi vitamins that really helps!

  4. Nice review.

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  5. I never used anything special for my nails but this thing looks very cute. I just do nail art and color my nails once a while. Nice review btw.

  6. Nice review. I am using burts and bees lemon butter cuticle cream. Its amazing and I have heard lush also has one which is pretty good too


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