Thursday, August 2, 2012

Imperfect and Senseless

An “off the track” post once in a while is fine with you guys right? I think I heard a yes J . So I have been thinking about starting a personal/fiction kind of blog for the longest period of time. But I have come to understand that I would never be able to manage another blog. In fact, I have not even been regularly putting up decent posts here. So I am going to put such random posts on GingerSnaps once in a while.Now that this burst of randomness has been taken care, may i proceed?

I have joined the Instagram wagon (@karishmarawat)! I am not instagraming every inch of my life or anything(at least not yet), but I have to admit Instagram makes everything look whimsical/nostalgic/cooler.

I found these cute puppies at my work place!
I keep tormenting doggies with my camera.

Powai lake's view from Goregaon East. 

Had found this strange insect/creature. Had named it Putu. Later that day found it squished under someone's feet. Life is hard.

What use is Instagram if you don't pose a bit right? No? Okay.

Just finished reading this.

In other news my beloved Samsung Ace is dying. I may have to buy a new phone soon, and I have been eyeing Samsung S2. Blackberry you say? Never!! I am an android girl for life!!

July was imperfect, senseless and comfortably monotonous. I loved it!
August, how are you doing(Joey's style)?

So what have you been up to?




  1. lovely ^_^

  2. u look ethereal in the personal pics and that pup is super cute :D

  3. Your dos is sooooo cute !
    And you looks fab' !

  4. you are very beautiful, loved this post :)

  5. you do the great work dear ....

    nice posting

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  6. luv the puppy pics!<3
    and u look cute as ever!

  7. Aw, I loved this post
    The pictures are amazing also the dogs, so adorable <3
    and you look so pretty in the pictures!

    Much Love,
    Modish And Muse,

  8. Awww, those pups are dorable! Lovely pics, Karishma!
    Thanks a bunch for stopping by and ommenting!
    You have a wonderful blog and I'm you new follower on GFC!
    Juneli from Fashionably Yours

  9. Oh, so sweet!:X

  10. u have a awesome blog....lovely to read...and the pups are so chweet.....!!

  11. Karishma,

    Beautiful photographs. Pup looks adorable.

    Take care

  12. great photos honey, i reeally love them!

    have a nice weekend!


  13. great post honey , nice to meet your blog!

    have a nice weekend!


  14. been following your blog...its a lovely blog.

    n i love pups!!

    PS: you look very pretty. Instagram or not!

  15. Dude! How pretty? Sooo pretty! I've been doing the same with my blog! I need to write more and there is no way I can manage 2!lol

  16. Oh but never ever stop posting again!! :)


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