Monday, August 6, 2012

Shuttlecock Boys "A Film with Undying Spirit"

Shuttlecock Boys revolves around the lives, successes and failures of four
friends who hail from lower middle class backgrounds in Delhi. Should we
accept what life offers to us on a platter or should we try to chase our
dreams, taking the path less taken? That's the question our protagonists
Gaurav, Manav, Pankaj and Loveleen seek answer to, as they decide to embark
upon an eventful journey that will change the course of their lives and
careers forever.

The one thing that unites these four friends is their common love for
badminton. Every evening they meet for a couple of games in their
neighborhood joking about their lives and pulling each other's legs. This
part of the day is the most pleasant part of their otherwise dreary lives.
While playing badminton one such night, they decide to do something on
their own. This very attempt becomes their lifeline putting them on a
litmus test of determination, courage, luck and spirit of friendship.

Praise for Shuttlecock boys:
"The police disrupted day one of the film's shoot. The prints got scratched and damaged during the processing. And he spent over two years in post-production trying to salvage them. But there was nothing that could keep Hemant Kumar Gaba from making his debut feature film, Shuttlecock Boys. It's fitting, given the film is about a group of friends bonding over badminton and wanting to quit their day jobs and follow their entrepreneurial dreams."
Excerpt from TOI's article about the film. 

"According to Pankaj, it is an exciting time for independent filmmakers. “Some films have changed the landscape of independent cinema and budding initiatives are helping new filmmakers,” beams Pankaj. While Hemant says that independent films don’t need charity, they need more accessible platforms to exhibit.
The film was previously showcased in the Seattle South Asian Film Festival, New York, the Chicago South Asian Film Festival, Chicago, India International Film Festival, Tampa Bay, Gotham Screen International Festival, New York, and Jaipur International Film Festival, Jaipur, India."
Exerpt from The Hindu's article about the film.

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