Saturday, December 8, 2012

My shopping experience with

I am surprised that I had not heard of IndiaPlaza before, as it has been operating since 1999. I stumbled upon the website by chance when I was looking to buy “The winter of our discontent” online. I was pleased to find out the huge inventory of the products on this site, products that you would have trouble finding elsewhere, also amazing discounts. :)

Why buy from Indiaplaza? (from the site)

Well, because we offer the lowest prices on everything. Always! Of course, that's not the only the reason why millions of customers have transacted with us since 1999. The range of products at Indiaplaza is mind boggling too. On Indiaplaza, you will find almost everything you need - books, music, movies, toys, watches, apparel, electronics, computers, mobile phones, home and kitchen appliances… you name it, we have it. In fact, this is precisely the reason why our rewards program is adored by our customers. Our customers use rewards points from books to buy clothes and then use the points earned on clothes to buy Kitchen Appliances and so on and on…So, do not hesitate to register. You can't accumulate your points unless you are registered!
Regardless of where you are in the country, you will most likely get free shipping on many products and can also avail our Cash On Delivery / easy EMI payment options.

My experience:
 I placed the order for “The winter of our discontent” and “Crime and Punishment” on 11th November.  As I was shopping for the first time with this website, I opted for COD. I received “The winter of our discontent” on the 13th and “Crime and punishment” on the 15th. All the while I received confirmation emails on order placement, shipment and delivery.

Paisa Vasool: Yes.
Verdict: Indiaplaza has got a great range of products: appliances, cameras, mobiles jewelries  apparels, books, it has even got cakes for god's sake!  Almost everything you would look for, and it indeed offers the lowest prices.

So.. have you ever shopped form Indiaplaza? What other unheard but good shopping sites have you come across?

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  1. I once ordered a book from them, I got the confirmation call but then there was utter silence. The book never arrived. Luckily I had opted for COD & so didn't follow up much. Glad you had a good experience.

    1. Oh.. That's bad Tanveer.. I didn't need to talk to their customer service so don't know weather they are good at handling such matters..

  2. I've shopped quite a bit from indiaplaza...they always have fab deals on books, especially the ones that need to be pre booked.


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