Monday, December 10, 2012


(Guest Post)

To enrich their attractiveness woman undergo many techniques. Enduring different parlour procedures may give fare results or may not. Such beauty conducts may cause side effects and affect your appearance. Few of the

common problems which can be cured at home are mentioned below

  1. Pimples: These are mainly caused when the sebaceous glands become active. At the base of hair follicles, the face, back, chest and forehead are more affected by these spots. These are oily glands and create different layers which cause irritation. It can be cured by following any recommended pimple cream by moisturizing it or following home remedies. Add a tablespoon of lemon juice to the equal ratio of water and apply it to the infected areas for 15 minutes. It shows fare result. Honey and raw papaya also are beneficial.
  2.  Tan: Skin when overexposed to sun or pollution gets dark and a layer is formed. Due to UV rays the melanin content increases in the skin. Few of the home remedies to reduce suntan are lemon, sugar, water, cucumber. Mix sugar and lemon juice equally and apply it on the tan effect parts and wait for twenty minutes. As we know sugar is the best cleansing agent. It reduces the dark shade of the skin. Another best home remedy is Aloe Vera juice which is good at removing sunburn. Applying papaya can heal the tanning and smashed tomatoes also can be applied alone. Apart from this one can use face scrubs and moisturizers.
  3. Dark circles: This is an often complaint where people give because of tiredness and lack of sleep. Few home remedies which can be done are dip cotton ball in raw milk and place it on your eyes. Try the same with cucumber slices. They act as oxidants and cure the effects. Rub potato slices and place tea bags to reduce under-eye bags.
These tips are best for cure and often less in cost.
Author Bio: The guest post was contributed by Gracie, financial guest blogger from  Manchester, UK. Apart from blogging she does research on same day loans. Find out more about her and her finance related blogs at @financeport

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