Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The memoirs of "HP Connected Music Indiblogger Meet"

(The year is 2050)

Grand-kids, have I ever told you about that awesome HP Connected Music Indiblogger Meet? Now this may be hard to believe, but in the year 2013 the illegal activity of downloading music and movies from the web was in full swing. 

Grand-kids: Really? Did you ever download anything illegally Grandma?

Me: *Fits of coughing* Of course not. ahem..
SO..  where was I, yes the bloggers meet. Ah, the pleasant blogger’s meet took place in this Mediterranean restaurant, “OttoInfinito.” Wait, let me show you some pictures of the event-

HP along with universal Music India and Hungama, had come up with this really cool service for the then latest windows 8 PC’s. Not only did the HP “Connected music” service stream all genres of music at an amazing speed, it also gave you a chance to meet your favorite artists! (*More about the service at the end of the post)

It was a lively event filled with appetizing Mediterranean cuisine and enjoyable music. The Indiblogger team was as warm and enthusiastic as always, making the whole ordeal a fun experience.

That's your Grandma there, singing in that pink dress. At the end of the event, all bloggers were asked to gather into teams according to their choice of music, and sing! And your grandma's team Dhumchak won the first place!! (I am going to be quite old in 2050, of course my memory is allowed to get a bit blurry. ;))

And you know what, two people frigging won HP laptops at the end of the meet! I must add that I developed a peculiar abhorrence for both of them and never talked to them in any of the Indiblogger meets after that. Hmpfh

So grand-kids, that is the story of "How I didn't win a laptop."

Those were the good old days.
*sigh* Ooh time to watch my favourite show CID now grand-kids, you go out and play. And for the love of god, be careful with those darn light sabers!!

The HP Connected Music service will provide unlimited music for 1 year on HP ENVY or HP Pavilion Notebook . It brings you a database of 1- million songs and exclusive footage and content of national and international artists. With this service you would be able to download "Digital Rights Management" protected songs in "wma" format with 128kbps bitrate. This service may or may not be the decision making point while buying a new Notebook/Laptop, nevertheless it is a remarkable service and will enhance the experience of HP users.

What do you think?

P.S. Thanks for the awesomness Shanaya and Varsha!



  1. Refreshing post! Creatively done!

  2. Nicely diluted with the story telling concept ! Liked it !

    P.S. was a awesome meet and hope that this continues till 2050 atleast ! haha

  3. nice post.....loving your pink it lace ?

  4. Superb post . Enjoyed The Experience There .

    Travel India

  5. Grandma can now drink coffee in her IndiMUG while watching new CID episodes in 2050...not a bad deal eh! =))

  6. This is sooooooooooo well thought and written!!! :)

    - Neha Hadkar

    1. It must really be good if it made you post a comment Neha :p


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