Sunday, February 24, 2013

Herbalife NouriFusion® Skin Essentials

Just like your body, your skin needs nourishment to look its best and be healthy. MultiVitamin Skincare keeps moisture in the skin, while keeping out unhealthy toxins. Botanicals and antioxidant vitamins A, C and E nourish skin for good health.

Infused with antioxidants, this skincare system includes the convenience of a Lotion Cleanser, Toner and Moisturizer with SPF 15 for UVA/UVB sun protection.

Cleanse, tone and moisturize each day with formulas containing botanical ingredients specially chosen to benefit your skin. Available in two variations: normal to oily skin and normal dry skin.

For more details about Herbalife, you can check out their website.

For inquiries related to Herbalife distribution and buying Herbalife products in Dehradun and Mumbai call: 9536486715.


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