Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Cafe Marigold -Dehradun

This time I found this cute little place called "Cafe Marigold" in Dehradun. I found this place so delightful that I wanted share it with you all!!

Rajpur Road

The “Marigold café” is quietly concealed in Rajpur Road and would be easily missed had it not been for the signboards showing you the way to it. The brightly decorated place, the serene surroundings, and the very reasonably priced menu make it a great place for a quiet meal with your friends or reading a book in peace (or maybe writing one). I had veg momos and tea there. The pahadi in me makes we want to have Chai after everything actually :). If you are in Dun sometime, do spend some time in this charming little place.

So... What is your favourite hangout place in your city?


  1. thank you very much for making me crave momos lol. Sadly, Dehradun is not 5mins away XD.

    1. I crave Dehra/Delhi type momos all the time in Mumbai!

  2. The interior looks so cute & cosy. I love small cafes where you sit close together. In one second the soup like dish felt like gol guppay! Haha. And OMG is that a spicy chutny?

    My favorite cafe in Islamabad had to be Cafe Patio, it's like a minute walk from my office. Great food & sheesha. In London its Apostrophe, amazing hot chocolate.

    Great post!

    PrettyGloss - beauty, makeup & a lil life

    1. Hope I travel to Islamabad and London someday Sarah, and then get to visit these cafes.. Hehe.

  3. Looks like a cute little place karishma :)

  4. omg Karishma ! This is so so pretty :D
    I love such unique cafe's and the food looks yum :D
    xoxo <3

  5. Ahhh I just drooled on the sight of momos . . .wowie man ! Amazing clicks ! Whats that dish in the pic above that ??

    take care... *oh wait* *goes up and stares longingly at momos all over again*

  6. I am loving the cozy ambiance :) i visit rishikesh every 6 to 7 months and next time i am surely stopping by dehra for this lil joint :)

  7. What a pretty place!


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