Sunday, April 14, 2013

The memoirs of "Neutrogena Indiblogger meet"

*The year is 2050*

We are going for practice of our "Interstate lightsaber tournament" grandma, see you in the evening! 

Hold it right there kiddies! Have you applied sunscreens with adequate protection from UVA and UVB rays?

Grandkids: Umm.. no Grandma, actually it’s already late afternoon. And we would only be gone for an hour..

Me:*shaking my head in disapproval, I continue* How do you think I have got such great skin at this age kiddies? Along with a diet rich in antioxidants, I have used sunblock every day without fail. Now that reminds me Grandkids, have I told you about that awesome "Neutrogena Indiblogger meet"?

Umm, Granny, as much as we would like to know the secrets of your beautiful skin, we were kind of getting late for the practice..

Oh…. okay, nevermind,*in a sad little voice with puppy dog eyes, I say* I will just sit here ALONE for a while and do some OLD people stuff. Anyway nobody listens to me these days, it was foolish of me to think that you would want to spend some time with this old women.. Nobody has time to sit and talk with me, not you, not your parents…

Okay Grandma okay!! We still have some time before the practice… umm please tell us about the meet..

Oh Lovely!!*This always works on these suckers, haha!* So, the Neutrogena Indiblogger meet had taken place atJW Marriot in Juhu. Wait let me show you some pictures.

That is Anoop saying something funny as always. I have no idea why I am raising my hand with him in this pic.
I did get bummed by the fact that Anoop forgot to make us do "hurrrr-hurrrr" at this meet.

That is me(middle) with my lovely friends Richa(left) and Ila!

At every meet, the Indiblogger team starts with some fun games to break the ice and make people interact with each other. At the start of this meet I was sitting comfortably with my friends Varsha, Neha, Shanaya and Priyanka. Little did I know that by the end of the meet I would have changed at least four different tables and talked to so many people I had not gotten the chance to interact with before!
These games, though considered friendly by the Indiblogger team, turn into lethally competitive knockout sessions in no time :P. At the registration of the meet, we were asked to write our names on tiny paper umbrellas. Later when everybody was seated, these tiny umbrellas were distributed to us randomly. We were then asked to search for the person whose name's umbrella we had got and get to know him/her. The first five people to search for their respective umbrella partners were going to be given some cool gifts. My dear friend Neha, who had picked up the Umbrella with her name only :O, was also given a gift.

The sweet Tara Sharma addressed the meet for some time. She talked about the second season of her current television show "The Tara Sharma Show" which airs on "Colors" and "Nickelodeon", and also about how she uses Neutrogena Sunscreens on a regular bases. Tara Sharma was wearing a vibrant yellow dress, and announced that a price would be given to one of the bloggers who had stuck to the dress-code of wearing yellow. To 99.9% of bloggers this was news, as nobody had mentioned this "dress-code" to us. Now here is the freaky part, my dear friend Neha (who earlier had picked up her own name in the umbrella game) won this contest too as she was wearing a beautiful yellow dress apt for this contest's requirement. 

Throughout the meet, cool USBs, volleyballs and Neutrogena bags were distributed like sweets to bloggers for winning contests. A blogger Anushree, who was attending a Indiblogger meets for the first time won a Nokia Lumia 620!

The food of this meet deserves an honorable mention! De-eee-licious!

Afterwards, a dermatologist showed us some tests on Neutrogena Sunscreens vs Other Sunscreens. The results showed that most sunscreens do not protect the skin from sun-rays completely. Using such sunscreens would be like using an umbrella with holes. He also addressed a lot of fierce queries from bloggers.

All the bloggers were given this Sun-protection kit from Neutrogena.
Just when I thought that the meet was about to end, we all were introduced to a crazy, fun activity! All bloggers did the "Harlem Shake"!! And on this whacky note, the lively meet came to an end.

Harlem Shake Madness!

Why Sunscreens are important

  • It is said that about 80% of skin aging is caused due to sun exposure. This type of aging is referred to as "photoaging".
  • The risk of developing skin cancer increases with your exposure to the sun without protection.
  • The short term effects of prolonged sun exposure are tanning, rashes and sun burns; whereas some of the  the long term effects are age-spots, wrinkles and sagging of skin.
So kids every-time you go outdoor, remember to apply a good Sunscreen. And not just any sunscreen, the sunscreen should have SPF 15 or more, and must have protection from UVA (ultraviolet A) and UVB (ultraviolet B) rays. Another thing, sunscreens should be reapplied every two hours.

Neutrogena sunscreens are dermatologically tested and non-comedogenic. They contain Helioplex technology to stabilize the sunscreen which provides broad spectrum protection against both UVA and UVB rays. Also, Neutrogena has many types of sunscreens to suit specific needs.

Using sunscreens has nothing to do with the everlasting Indian debate of fair and wheatish skin. Sunscreens protect us from premature aging and the more serious issue of skin cancer to a great extent.

And that is the story of "How I met the sun" kids. If you want your skin to look as beautiful as your granny's skin when you get old, remember,

Sunscreen everyday, keeps premature ageing (sunburn, risk of cancer, wrinkles) away!


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  1. Interesting! seems like you had a lot of fun! :)

    1. Oh Jeeshan it was a fun afternoon alright!

  2. very very very beautifully written. Loved the style. I might shamelessly copy it someday LOL

    BTW tell more about the neutrogena vs other sunscreen. What was the tests? What were the other sunscreens?

    1. Thank you!! And go ahead, a US show had already copied this style before I could think of it. :P

      Well they didn't show us what other sunscreens were used for comparison. A slide was smeared with Neutrogena sunscreen on one side and some "other sunscreen" on the other side and kept over a paper which changes its colour when subjected to UV rays. When UV rays were passed through this slide on that paper (sorry I dont know what it is scientifically called), the colour on the side with Neutrogena sunscreen remained unchanged whereas the side with the "other sunscreen" had little parts where the colour had changed, which meant that the "other sunscreen" was not able to provide 100% protection.

    2. I think I know that show who copied it ;)

      The way they tested it sounds like a con. Who know it was even a sunscreen or not? Or it had any SPF or PA factor or not! :D

  3. Great post. I hate sunblocks, but I know how important it is to use these considering the kinda summers & sun we have in our part of the world. :/

    Thanks for sharing. Lovely pic of you with your friends. :)

    PrettyGloss - beauty, makeup & a lil life

  4. ROFLMAO ! loved your story Karishma :D
    Great post :D
    xoxo <3

  5. very creatively written :) it does not remind me of HIMYM at all... :D

    your new reader!!

  6. very creatively written :) it does not remind me of HIMYM at all... :D

    your new reader!!


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