Thursday, December 26, 2013

My Top Five High Street Hair Products

by Mel Davies

I’ve been growing my hair for a good few years now, and it’s important to me that it’s kept in good condition – there’s no point growing my hair if the ends are so brittle that they end up snapping anyway! Although there are a couple of more expensive hair care brands I love (Bumble and Bumble I’m looking at you!), many of the products I use on a day-to-day basis can be found for low prices on the high street.  These are the products I use almost daily to tame my mane.

1. Since I first used a Tangle Teaser to brush my hair, I haven’t used anything else.  I know they have become a bit of a cult product in the blogosphere, but it is such a deserved hype – I swear by mine.  It glides through my hair no matter how tangled, smoothing knots and taming fly-aways whether it’s wet or dry. 

2. For hairspray, I never look anywhere other than Tresemme.  Their Freeze Hold Salon Finish hairspray is my all-time favourite, but most of their offerings are pretty impressive.  They’re reasonably price and hold a curl in my boring straight hair all day long.   

3.Tresemme’s Liquid Gold hair oil is also pretty impressive – smoothed through wet or dry hair it leaves shine and softness like nothing else.  I adore the pump bottle and subtle scent; this is by fair the best high-street hair oil I have tried yet.

4. Dry Shampoo is an absolute must for oily-haired ladies.  Batiste was recommended to me a few years ago by my hairdressers, and I’ve never been without a bottle since.  Lately the Blush version has been my scent of choice, but Batiste are forever releasing new versions and so many of them are absolutely lovely.  A quick spritz through my roots, rub is any white cast, brush through with a tangle teaser and second day hair becomes acceptable!

5. Lastly, to keep hair in good condition a heat-protect spray is essential.  Usually I’m not very fussy and just buy whatever is on offer, but lately I find myself repurchasing the L’Oreal Elnett version over and over again.  I love how evenly the nozzle disperses product, meaning all of my hair is covered in just a few quick spritzes, it doesn’t dry crustily in my hair and it smells really nice – bonus!

I’d love to hear what your favourite hair care products are in the comments – have a peek at what other products I’m loving on my blog or if you fancy a chat tweet me @lillieslipbalm.


You can catch Melanie on her blog Lillies and Lipbalm where she talks about her love for makeup and all things pretty!

P.S. This is a scheduled post. I am on a break, will get back to your comments as soon as I come back!


  1. I love freeze hold spray from works pretty good :) and I am definitely getting a tangle teaser!!

  2. I should try dry shampoo soon.. Nice post dear :)

  3. Haven't tried all ! will do !

    I have nominated you for Versatile Blogger award ! here is the link

  4. wow thats a great post. I so want to try that batiste dry shampoo!

  5. I would love to try the Loreal heat protectant spray! :)

  6. that oil seems to be interesting...never saw that earlier!

  7. I haven't tried any of these as I have really curly hair and i don't know how they will work for me. I do have my holy grails which is a good mousse. I use about 2-3 different ones. But the hair oil u mentioned, i'm tempted to try that, any idea if it will work well with curly hair?

  8. i would love to try all this products
    PS life


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