Monday, December 30, 2013

8 Awesome Trending Eye Makeup Tips and Tricks

Jenna Menard, Clinique Global Colour Artist
shares the best tips for eye makeup while answering some interesting queries.
Best tip to apply eye liner

When applying eye liner, try to keep it as close to your lash line and work from there. There should be no space between your lash line and the eyeliner. Using the side of a pencil allows you to apply a straighter line rather than using the tip-drag the liner along the lash line to help create a straight line.
I also love blending liners all over the lid and then using the same shade to draw that more intense line closer to your lash line. Keep sharpened if you are trying to get a precise line.
Colour to compliment your eyes :
Colour is a great way to compliment your eyes. There are certain colours that will make your natural eye color pop-the same goes with certain clothes that you wear. Many people believe that black or dark eyeliner will bring out their eyes more but that is not usually the case only because it becomes overpowering and it becomes more of a distraction rather than a compliment.

·        Green -purple shades will brighten your eyes.
·        Brown- gold/bronzes work well with brown eyes

Creating a smokey eye effect
I love layering eye shadow over eyeliner in order to create dimension through different textures. Smudging a soft liner and topping with a shadow creates a smokey eye that is easy to achieve and will last throughout the day. Rather than black, I gravitate towards creating smokey eye looks with color. 

Make the eyes appear larger
Using a slightly lighter shimmer shade on the inner corners of your eye, curl your eyelashes, extend eyeliner slightly past the lash line to give the illusion of larger eyes, add bottom mascara, use a gray or brown liner shade rather than black.

Experiment with eye makeup looks
It’s easy to get stuck in a rut with your makeup. Each day try something slightly different.
If you are used to using only a beige/champagne/nude powder eye shadow try a subtle shade in a different texture. This small change will open doors for you.

A modern way to wear bright eye shadow
Using 2 various shades of a bright color and layering them to create a bright eye shadow look. You can do the same with an eyeliner and a shadow, cream shadow and a powder shadow, 2 powder shadows etc. If you feel daring try a combination of 3.
Women who wear glasses use shadow to make their eyes pop
Glasses paired with a strong eye is a great look. To out-power glasses, the key is making shadow visible. A light wash of one shade may not be enough. Layer a few bold colours or create a graphic shape and work those lids under the glasses.

Prevent eye shadow from creasing
Preparing the lid with a cream base or eye shadow primer is your best bet. Only a touch of product is needed to help with the creasing problem. It’s just as important to blend the product you are using as a primer as it is to blend the shadow that is going on top.



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