Monday, January 13, 2014

How to Wear Peplum in Style

by Suzy Walsh 

Fashion is all about getting in the mood of the season and trying things that are either on the block or simply too weird. If you are a keen fashion follower, you must have seen how peplum has emerged as a huge trend for now. What many don’t know is the fact that peplum belonged to the 1940s, and after four decades, the style was spotted in 1980s. In the current fashion world, Peplum became a rage since 2010, and here are the tricks that you must know to wear the style with ease. 

Know your body 
The ruffles, which are the main highlight of the peplum trend, come with the disadvantage of making you look on the plus side. Needless to mention, women with heavy middle area have to be more careful.  If you are struggling with tummy fat or hip size, make sure that you look for peplum on the shorter side. Another trick to know is to use a single colour as block shades often add a factor of length to the appeal. On the other hand, lean and thin ladies have nothing to worry about because this style is meant to flatter their body like no other!

Reduce the tummy area
It often seems otherwise because peplum is supposed to add breadth to the mid area, but there’s always a fashion trick that works. The best idea is to choose a peplum dress or top where the ruffles start from a point above the waistline. This would not only cover for the mid area and tummy fat, if any, but at the same time, also makes you look stylish in a feminine way. 

Look for dresses with modernized ruffle
The new style of ruffle is not the one that makes you look like a mini doll wearing a short skirt, but it’s more on the softer and slimmer side. If you are looking for peplum looks for the office, try to streamline the look with lighter and softer fabrics with minimal ruffles. Dresses are equally good for the casual days, the peplum style looks better in single or dual colours any day!

Slim down the legs
Since the middle portion would be highlighted more, you don’t want the legs to look in the same way. The best idea is to choose a pencil skirt or a slim fit pair of trousers that can be paired with a peplum top. Always keep in mind that style is more about the ruffles, and that doesn’t need to be extreme in any manner. Even with limited ruffles and a well-fitted pair of trousers, you can look stunning!

Look for heels at best
Heels always add the height factor, and here the heels refer to just the pencil and kitten heels that seem to be more flattering. For women on the plus side and those dealing with a heavy body, the peplum style can look much better when the heels are on. Wedges are good, but there’s a lack of charm like you get in those marble crackling stilettos. When you are looking for shoes online, only look for high designs!
Stay stylish!

Suzy Walsh is a fashion expert and style blogger known for her amazing flair for trends. She is associated with emerging fashion portal, The House of Elegance Fashion!



  1. Love the Red Peplum top in the picture!
    They look so classy!


  2. I just love peplums of all kinds! They're so chic and modern, my wardrobe is full of them!


  3. The blue dress be so pretty!


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