Sunday, January 26, 2014

Vivel Cell Renew Face Cleanser+ Scrub - Review

by Tripti Bisht 

“Beauty is in every woman and girl, each one as precious as a pearl”

Hello Beauties!
In this review I am going to talk about Vivel’s newly launched cleansing cream face cleanser + scrub. This product is from the expert range of face cleansers from Vivel Cell Renew designed to fight various sources of causing damage to skin on daily basis.  It was gifted by a friend; I received a well packed box with 2 variety of cleansing cream face wash + scrub.

Price: 100ML at Rs 139/-
Introductory offer:    33% more with 50ml at INR 79/- , 20% more with 100ml at INR 139/-

1.)Cell Renew Pollution Protect Cleansing Cream Face Wash + Scrub: With Pomegranate Beads
"It protects skin from pollution damage. Powered with known antioxidants like Pomegranate extracts and Vitamin E, it detoxifies skin by neutralizing the free radical effect of pollution, thus keeping skin protected. The unique cleansing cream + scrub format purifies skin to remove the accumulated pollutants from your pores.  Cell Renew Pollution Protect face cleanser hence keeps your skin purified, protected and nourished."

·       Creamy texture cleans the skin effectively.
·       Moisturizing face wash.
·       Gentle scrub, can be used daily.
·       Milky white in color & crème based.
·       Forms creamy foam and washes off easily.
·       Soap free & don’t over dry skin.
·       Mild fragrance.
·       Contains vitamin E to nourish skin.
·       Contains pomegranate beads for detoxification of skin.

2.)Cell Renew Energizing Face Cleanser + Scrub: With Orange Zest
"This is specially designed for evening use. Energizing Face cleanser rejuvenates skin after a long stressful day. Infused with Orange Zest and Micro Pearls, this face wash has an energizing action that removes sebum and stickiness to alleviate signs of day-end dullness for rejuvenated and awakened skin"

·       Effective in cleaning.
·       Covers up facial dullness & stress.
·       Refreshing orangey fragrance.
·       Contains micro pearls to work as exfoliator
·       Orange zest removes excess oil.
·       Transparent in color with orange beads, seems to be gel based.
·       Very soft to be used as scrub
·       Infused pro-vitamin E

What I didn't like:
These cleansers are meant for everyday use and thus their exfoliation is not enough to counter blackheads.

Rating: 4/5Though it is a great idea to have made these face-washes for day and night time use separately, I think I am going to use Cell Renew Pollution Protect cleansing cream face wash in winters & Cell Renew Energizing face cleanser in summers.

Repurchase: Yes. I wouldn't mind.



  1. These days I am more into scrubs and since I have acne prone skin, looks like it's mild enough for me. :)

    1. Yes, Nivedita the product is very mild & good to go for acne prone skin as well..

  2. Nice review dear...:-)..I have tried this facewash...its a good product...:-)...following you now on would be great if you follow me back...stay connected darling...:-) <3

  3. I was waiting for a review on this product.. but I'm not sure if its worth a try though.. I prefer using Neutrogena :) What do you say ??

    xx Chaicy - Style..A Pastiche!

  4. I'll try these too! Winters is making my skin really rough!
    Love Nilu Yuleena,
    BIG hair LOUD mouth BLOG
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  5. sounds great :) nice review hun!


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