Thursday, January 2, 2014

Quick Take at the Spring Summer Trends for 2014

by Suzy Walsh

Most of us love the way the trends move straight out of the runways to the shelves of the brands and malls, and of course, to the street. While some styles are only meant for those who stick to the brands, there are others that are actually worth trying for. If fashion and style are what that attracts you the most, check the spring summer collection trends highlights that you can try for 2014. 

1. More manlike blazers

·        One of the best trends of the season is to wear the manlike blazers and bomber jackets. Cool enough for the fashion day out, there are more than a few styles that you can try with ease. What makes mannish designs worth a look is the style factor, which is not conventional but utterly appealing. If you are someone who enjoys more of the bohemian look, this is a trend worth trying. For reference, you can check Saint Laurent. 

·    2. More floor-length dresses

Feminine and truly elegant by all ways, floor-length dresses in light fabrics and stylish materials like lace are always welcome for the spring summer collection. Show off a little cleavage with style or simply look for flaring dress that oozes class, the choice is all yours. Wondering where you can check these clothes online? Don’t worry, but take a glance at the collection of Elle Saab and Stella McCartney.

3. Casual chiffon dress

If trends are what that needs attention when you buy outfits, you can look for the dresses in chiffon. Reaching the knee of even ankle, these dresses have an effortless style that’s way too cool for the summers and make for the ultimate style statement. You can choose to check the designs at Chloe where the colour palette is just summer like, or you can check with Celine for some more printed designs.

·        4. More of the lacy designs

Whether it is Valentino or Alessandra Rich, the lace style designs were a hit for the spring summer runways. Unique and utterly appealing, the lace designs are feminine and have a soft side to them. Perfect for the red carpet events and parties, you need to be ultra-glamorous to pull off the look with ease. The designs may or may not be in sequins, but there’s a style element that cannot be ignored. 

5. More of the stripes

Let’s admit this hands down that stripes are easily among the best things for the summer, mainly when you are bored of the ‘beaten to death’ floral prints. There are unique designs and amazing styles to choose from, but if you check the collection at Roland Mouret, you will find more than a few ideas. The looks included off shoulder gowns, which are easily among the best in the market choices.
From the more casual looks to the simplified designs, this spring summer seems to be an exciting season. There are unique choices for the colours, and even the palettes are often far from conventional. Getting styled has never been so exciting!

Author: Suzy Walsh is the chief writer for The House of Elegance Fashion. She is known for being an extremely expert fashion writer with amazing flair for trends and styles that keep coming to the runways.

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