Wednesday, May 28, 2014

#BeautyNBlogger: Behind The Scenes With Lakmé

It was not till I was putting this post together that I realized how distraught I am by the fact that I lost my camera at the 'Beauty And The Blogger' shoot. I had clicked an infinite number of pictures with it for my blog, on top of it it was a gift by my dear friend. While the models and bloggers were always on the run to get tasks done, Lakmé took charge to make us look fabulous. Our makeup and hair station was set in a hall called Alexandria in Corinthians, and here is a where all of the contestants have spent most of their time laughing, talking and bonding over getting our nails done (not talking about Jeremy, Kaushal and Himanshu of course.)

And guess what, the Trailer for Beauty And The Blogger is out today! If you would like to see me make a complete fool of myself (oh the tasks that I have done!), do follow
Famebox Fashion on Youtube, where the web-series will be up soon. Till then please show some love for team #GingerSnaps by voting for my model Audrey D'Silva and me on this link.




  1. The event must have been real fun! Sorry to know that you misplaced your camera, would have loved to see more pics!

  2. ohh no u lost ur camera.. wud hv loved to see more pics.. thanx fr sharing this post.. loved the make up :)

  3. sorry about the camera :( loved reading the post.. you must have had a great time :)


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