Monday, May 12, 2014

Café Coffee Day's Brain Freeze Style Meet

Last week I had a refreshing evening at Café Coffee Day, where I was introduced to their latest launch "Brain Freeze at the “Brain Freeze Style Meet.”  

It was quite a fun evening. My hair and makeup was taken care of by celebrity beauty expert Marvie Ann Beck. I loved the look I got-braids and bold lips! I was happy to be associated with the rich flavor of Iced Eskimo for the outfit while I got styled by Superdry.

Brain Freeze is a combination of crushed ice and refreshingly cooling flavours - Green Apple Meltdown, Berry Berg, Cool Blue and Iced Eskimo! My favourites would have to be “Cool Blue" a syrupy blue blend on crushed ice, and “Iced Eskimo” a slush blended coffee drink. 

A session of indulging in the new cool flavours along with my all-time favorite CCD's "Smoked Chicken Sandwich," was the perfect end to a painstakingly hot day! 
Don't forget to step in to your nearest outlet of Cafe Coffee Day to pick up the latest edition of Cafe Chronicles where I would be featured in. So, have you tried the Cafe Coffee Day’s "Brain Freeze” yet? Which flavour catches your fancy?




  1. I think I'd have to go for the coffee flavored one!

  2. look super pretty!!..classy click..!

  3. u look lovely dear <3

    my recent one :

  4. Oh my god, you look superb sweetie, love your flawless skin and eye makeup! Great Monday <3 Kisses <3

  5. wow! you look fab indeed karishma ....

    would have loved more pix of ur gorgeousness :-) Have tried the brain freeze on CCD, as its my favourite joint, and I think they are awesome...

    my latest :


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