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Brows A Few Things You Need To KNow
Hello lovely people. Firstly, let me introduce myself - my name is Brenda and I blog over at BRENDA BUSYBEE. I blog mainly about beauty, but there is some fashion, family, hauls and well, a little bit of everything thrown in. Karishma has been kind enough to let me do a guest post today, and I have decided to do a little post about brows......
Is there anything more high maintenance on your face than your brows? No. They need constant love and attention and at least a weekly seeing to. Neglect them, and you will regret it. Brows are vengeful little buggers that have a habit of spiting you when you don't shower them with the attention they desire. Which is where I come in with this handy little post to keep your brows ship shape.

Your main weapons of defense here are going to be waxing, threading or plucking. I would recommend seeing a professional if you are serious about getting your brow shape perfect for your face. They will look at your face shape and using your nose, define where your brows should start, end and where the highest arch should be. Whether you wax, thread or pluck, this is going to need regular upkeep. I would suggest every 4 to 6 weeks to keep stray hairs at bay.
If you are determined to conquer this mission on your own steam, under your own roof, there are some basic rules to follow....
Brow Shaping

PENCILS // Best for a quick fix and those of us lucky enough to be blessed with bushy brows.
POWDER // Best for thin on the ground brows that need filling in.
GEL // Best for brows that need an uplift of colour and for help keeping those pesky hairs in place.
WAX AND POMADE // Best for perfectionists who want a clean cut finish. 
Don't forget to seal your brows with a gel to keep the colour and hair in place. You can also add a little highlighter to your brow bone to give your brows that edge.
Until next time xx
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