Tuesday, October 21, 2014


If you are passionate about the finer things in life, The Luxe Café is an online luxury lifestyle magazine that you would want to keep an eye on. From your guide to buying your first boat to recreating thecamping lifestyles of the royals, from personalization services from luxury brands to kitchen secrets from India’s royal households, The Luxe Café brings to you an exquisite assortment of curated content on travel, fashion, decor, technology and all of your luxury desires.

This e-zine aims to help the brand conscious buyers make informed consumer choices by sharing tips, guides, reviews and experentials straight from the industry experts. At a time when the luxury industry in India is flourishing, this gateway to the world of elite and premium lifestyle is a much needed portal for the luxury enthusiasts all over India, for access to information they have been looking for but is difficult to come by.
"Luxury, as we see it, is not for a privileged few but for all those with the courage to look beyond the obvious and seek out the intricate details of life. We believe real luxury inherently is all about time and space, whether it’s the painstakingly handcrafted timepiece on your wrist or the precious hours you spend with your loved ones, it is experiencing the first sun rays on a mighty Himalayan peak from the comfort of your balcony, or feeling your heart racing as you zoom past in your Ferrari."
Manisha Mayur Shekhar, Founder of The Luxe Café

By bringing together unique, engaging and diverse content for the luxury connoisseurs, The Luxe Café has successfully created a channel to the world of opulence and fine living. In my pursuit of experiencing life to it's fullest, The Luxe Café is a portal I am happy to have come across. What about you?

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  1. Will check out the website rite away



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