Sunday, April 26, 2015


I am a girl of summer. And no matter how scorching or ruthless the summer may be, it is the season that makes my heart flutter! One less reason to complain about the heat this summer is the new range of beverages launched by Café Coffee Day. And this time, the lineup of CCD’s summer refreshers will make you want to hit a CCD outlet as soon as possible!

Café Coffee Day has created the ultimate summer refresher, ‘Summer Slam’, a mouth-watering range of chilled smoothies and slushes bursting with unique fun flavours and brimming with taste that will invigorate like no other.  I was introduced to these unique concoctions at the #CCDSummerSlam meet up, over some fun activities with fellow bloggers.

To be able to have a taste of all six fun blends, we were first served the beverages in shot glasses. The smoothies range includes Rasmalai, Strawberry Pomegranate and Mango Peach. I prefer smoothies over slushes, and by chance was a part of team smoothie as well! My favorite amongst the smoothies has to be the Rasmalai Smoothie, the royal Indian mithai re-imagined as a rich, creamy beverage. The slush variants consist of juicy refreshing flavours Strawberry Blast, Tropical Spice and Pink Lemonade. Amongst these, the Tropical Spice Slush stood out for me, a lip-smacking mix of jalapenos and tropical fruit granita.

I thought that I would have always chosen a mango smoothie over any other beverage before the Summer Slam meet up. Well, I surprised myself by going for the Kolkata Rasmali Smoothie over the Bengluru Mango Peach Smoothie! Drop in to a CCD outlet one of these sultry afternoons and let me know which Summer Slam beverage do you like the most. 



  1. OMG! Rasmalai smootie ^_^ I can imagine how good this would taste!

  2. i would have tried the rasamalai smoothie too. what was it like?


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