Wednesday, May 6, 2015


As days get hotter, what better way to beat the heat then indulging in some sweet, flavorful ice cream? Here are some of the best ice-cream parlours in Mumbai that you can head to when you are in the need for some ice-cream therapy.

K. Rustom Ice Cream
Location: Churchgate

This ice cream parlour is one of the oldest in Mumbai, and is famous for its legendary ice cream sandwiches since decades! Located next to Marine drive, this modest joint is always full of ice-cream lovers. If you are having a difficult time choosing from over 50 flavours that they serve, start from their famous “Rum and Raisin” and “Bitter Chocolate.” And of course, enjoy their seasonal delight of mangoes while you can!

Hokey Pokey Ice Cream
Location: 13 outlets in Mumbai

Walk into this dessert parlour and be spoilt for choices. At Hokey Pokey, you can customize your dream dessert any which way you want! Try their hero creations Knight in Armour and Exotic Sundays, or create your own sweet masterpiece with the various choices and combinations available.

Sancha Ice Creams
Location: 7 Bunglows, Andheri West

Another ice cream joint that has been around and has been loved for years is Sancha Ice creams. Visit this humble joint for the freshest and creamiest ice creams. Their mango and choco-chip flavours are sworn by many!

Natural Ice Cream
Location: Over 50 outlets throughout Mumbai

Natural Ice Cream, which has been established since 1984 in Mumbai, surely needs no introduction. As the name suggests, Natural ice cream makes mouthwatering flavours using only fruits, dry fruits, chocolates, milk and sugar, without the use of any preservatives or stabilizers. Their delectable flavours, courteous staff and remarkable ambience make the place welcoming on sultry afternoons. Papaya-Pineapple, Tender Coconut, Anjeer; everyone has got their favorite Natural’s flavour, which one is yours?

We would love to know your choices for the best ice cream parlours and best dessert options in Mumbai. Feel free to tell us in the comments section below.




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