Monday, July 6, 2015

5 Awesome Beauty Tricks

Hey there fellas! How is July weather treating you? Even though the onset of rains has cooled
down the temperature here in Mumbai, the days it does not rain, the temperature decides to
soar up again. Here I am sharing with you some tricks that will help you pull through these hot
and humid days.

Make a point to keep yourself adequately hydrated, as you may not often feel thirsty
during this season.  Staying hydrated helps boost your immune system, flushes out the
toxins and will keep the feeling of lethargy at bay. Drink plenty of water, juices and iced
green tea. Also try including hydrating foods such as cucumbers, tomatoes and green
peppers in your diet.

Use the trusted home recipe of besan (gram flour) mixed with curd and tomato juice, and
leave it on your skin for at least 20 minutes to remove suntan. If you are someone who is
always on the go and does not want to fuss with home remedies, you can give the Spinz Sun-tan Remover a try.
Here’s a short video on how you can say goodbye to that tan:

What I found when I used it
-It needs to be applied for only five minutes
- It does not contain bleach and has natural ingredients like honey, lemon and milk 
I would definitely recommend it for the girl ( or guy) who is out in the sun for their job or is
back from a beach vacation and needs to get office or event ready in no time!

By now I am sure you must be familiar with the numerous ways baby powder can be
incorporated in your beauty routine (watch this video if you are not a baby powder
fanatic yet.) Especially in summers and monsoon, I like to keep a bottle of baby powder
handy. After moisturizing my skin, I use plenty of baby powder on my body before
wearing my outfit. It controls sweat and helps me stay fresh on these humid days.

 Now that the monsoons are here, it does not mean that you can ditch your sunscreen. 
Even on cloudy days, your skin is susceptible to the harmful effects of UVA and UVB rays
such as tanning, pigmentation and skin aging. If it’s daytime, always wear sunscreen
before stepping out.

Go for open footwear to avoid keeping your feet damp for long, wear clothes that dry
easily and shampoo your hair often. And waterproof bags are a must, so that you can be
carefree about the fact that your important belongings will not get spoiled. Hope you
have a happy and safe monsoon!


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