Monday, July 13, 2015

Tata Motors Sanand Auto Plant visit with the #TheChosenOnes | Vlog

Tata Motors invited a few lucky customers and bloggers from all over India last week to their award winning Sanand manufacturing facility, located in the Ahmedabad district of Gujarat. It was a fun-filled and grand affair where we got to watch the GenX Nano roll out of this state-of-the-art facility!

The Tata Auto plant in Sanand has been built in a record time of 14 months. It is admirable to know that 15% of the plant energy originates from renewable resources. Another commendable fact that I got to know is that this plant is a zero discharge plant, which means all the water used in this manufacturing facility is recycled.

This is the first time visitors have been invited to the Tata Motors Auto Plant Sanand, and we got a guided tour of the manufacturing facility, where we first-hand witnessed all the intricacies involved in the making of the GenX Nano. The plant has the capacity to create a Nano every 58 seconds, and from July 2009 when the delivery of Nano started till May 2015, almost 2.75 Nano cars have been produced.

It was a unique experience; I was amazed by the magnitude of labor and effort that goes into the making of a car. Here is a small vlog where I take you with me to the Tata Motors Sanand Plant!


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