Monday, July 20, 2015

In Pursuit of A Healthier Lifestyle

My dad insists that I make healthier lifestyle choices. From teaching me the benefits of Pranayama since my school days, to giving me disapproving looks whenever he sees me munching on fast food, he has always been assertive about the importance of practicing a healthier daily regime. I remember being woken up at 5 AM on those cold Dehradun mornings, along with all my siblings, so that we could all join my dad in front of the television and perform Yoga with Swami Ramdev. As you can imagine, The International Yoga day was a date that was taken very seriously in my household. 

Being the lazy glutton that I am, I am not always able to exercise the best lifestyle practices. But I was appalled when I noticed that even my dad was falling into the same unhealthy lifestyle as me! Earlier this year, my dad came to live with me in Mumbai. While in Dehradun he used to practice gardening and go for walks, the apartment lifestyle in Mumbai hardly helps us get any physical activity, especially the day we decide to stay in.

I guess we all are pretty aware that walking is one of the best things we can do for our body. Walking helps to keep our weight in check, it strengthens our heart and reduces stress. My first resort to get him back on track was to send him for brisk walks in the evenings. Luckily there are three parks near our vicinity, and being the health enthusiast that he is, dad has already started to go regularly for walks in the evening. 

When I noticed that dad only has the option of formal shoes or chappals in his wardrobe, and he goes for his brisk walking sessions in his chappals, I decided to buy a comfortable pair of sport shoes for him. And when Magali told me about buying the “Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedicure Foot File” for her mother from Flipkart, it immediately made me look for sports shoes on the website, where I found these on discount!

I have placed the order for the shoes without telling dad, and I really hope he likes this little surprise! I join him for the evening walks whenever I can. Next on the list of our health adventures, is Yoga!

Just as shown in Flipkart’s latest #AbHarWishHogiPuri advertisement, Flipkart is bringing innumerable little wishes and desires to life!



  1. The shoes look amazing!

    I'm trying to go vegan, less toxins and a little more abundant ;)
    Sadly, I can't seem to get myself into yoga :P

    Good Luck!

    With Love,
    Anna || Curly Scribbles


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