Monday, August 10, 2015

Mission Beautiful Hair

Do you find yourself wishing for lustrous and healthy hair? What is your reason to cut your hair short? Is it fashion, whim, damage or hair loss? Well if it’s the latter two, we can find a solution my friend. The condition your hair can’t only be blamed on your genetics; your lifestyle choices play a huge part in how your hair is. The following are a few habits that you should incorporate in your lifestyle to achieve hair that is healthy and beautiful:

·        If you are suffering from hair loss, try to narrow down to the reason of this ordeal. Stress, seasonal changes, hormonal imbalances and an unhealthy diet are the most common reasons for hair loss. A diet rich in protein will benefit your hair and skin immensely. Dairy products, soy, pulses, nuts and chicken are some excellent sources of protein. An overall balanced diet in absolutely essential for healthy hair.

·        Give your hair a break from heat styling. Experiment with these buns, braids or overnight curls to give your hair versatile styles without using heat. Always try working with your natural hair texture then against it and you can save yourself a lot of trouble and damage caused by heat.

·        Nourish your hair in order to prevent and repair damage. As I have mentioned earlier, I have started using The Dabur VatikaEnriched Coconut Hair Oil at least twice a week. This oil is enriched with the goodness of Triphala, Brahmi, Henna, Neem,
Lemon, Rosemary Oil, Kapurkachri and Soya Extracts.
Heena along with other herbs, coats your hair, protects it from oxidation, helps maintain its natural color.
Amla strengthens the roots of your hair and helps maintain their health and natural thickness.
Lemon controls sebum flow to prevent damage.
So this oil pretty much makes taking care of your hair a lot easier.

 Do yourself a favor girls, and give yourself regular champis, okay?

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  1. I like Dabur Vatika too- it helps my hair a whole lot


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