Thursday, September 24, 2015

Dabur Vatika Enriched Coconut Hair Oil Review (+ Hot Towel Treatment)

Vatika Enriched Coconut Hair Oil provides natural nourishment to your hair, giving it body & radiance while taking care of the critical balance of nutrients. Unlike ordinary coconut oil, Vatika's coco++ oil is enriched with the goodness of 8 time-tested herbs. They work magic on your hair, giving your hair & scalp complete nourishment for that problem free, healthy crowning glory.


The new improved formulation of Vatika Enriched Coconut Hair Oil is proven to be better than ordinary coconut oil in 4 ways:
It makes hair Stronger
Hair become Thicker
It makes hair Shinier
Better Dandruff Control

It contains  Triphala, Brahmi, Henna, Neem, Lemon, Rosemary Oil, Kapurkachri, Soya Extracts

Price: INR 84 for 150ml

My Experience:

Remember when I had informed you that I am introducing Vatika Enriched Coconut Hair Oil to my hair care regime? Well I have been using it regularly for three months now. I use the hair oil at least twice a week, and leave it overnight whenever possible. It seems like my hair loves the extra nourishment that it is being provided with! 

Coconut oil easily penetrates the hair shaft, reduces protein loss in hair and has been in use since ancient times. Vatika Enriched Coconut Hair Oil not only contains the goodness of coconut oil but also the goodness of 8 natural herbs. Heena is known to protect hair from oxidation and helps maintain its natural color. Amla strengthens the roots of your hair and helps maintain your hair’s health and natural thickness. The astringent action of lemon controls sebum flow and helps prevent dandruff. The herbs present in this oil are known to prevent hair fall and hair greying in the long run.

The oil works as a great deep conditioner for my dry hair. To use the Vatika Enriched Coconut Hair Oil as a deep conditioner I start by combing and detangling my hair. This may sound peculiar to you but I am not in a habit of combing my hair after shampooing, so combing it before oiling is necessary for me. I follow this by giving myself a nice and long scalp massage using the hair oil, after which I wrap a hot towel around my head and leave it for 5-10 minutes. Repeat the same process by soaking the towel in hot water as many times as required. For this technique, please be sure to squeeze out the excess hot water before wrapping it around your head. The hot towel treatment helps the oil infiltrate deep into the hair shaft and rejuvenates the hair from within. All in all I think this oil does a fantastic job of nourishing my hair. People who suffer from dry scalp, dandruff or dry hair should definitely give this oil a try.

Have you ever used this oil? How has your experience been?

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