Thursday, September 17, 2015


The youth fashion brand WRONG brings to you a contest that you will love to take a chance on! Guess what’s on stake? A trip to Vegas! Not only that, you can also take three of your buddies along with you, and the four of you can party in Vegas, Hangover style!

It all started on twitter where Mr. Kohli got everyone talking when he asked the Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar if he had what it takes! Once the WROGN contest unraveled, we got to know what it was all about. How can you participate you ask? Go to where Virat himself will take your audition to see if you have got what it takes for this trip. If you get all the WRONG questions right, you stand a chance to win the Vegas trip and a lot more cool prizes. But mind you, the questions are quiet tricky. Now I don't want to be spoiling all the fun for you, so go for the auditions now and try your luck for yourself. Who knows, you just might be the lucky one to win the trip to Vegas!

About WROGN:

WROGN is a breakaway youth fashion brand. Its funky philosophy speaks through trendy design quirks. Each piece strays purposefully. From symmetry and conformity. From accepted norms and expected fads. Each one is a voice of dissent against the predictable. Own it. Wear it. And, know that it is fashionable to speak your mind. Have a million perspectives. Grow wild and free. Debate God’s existence. And, find love everywhere.

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