Monday, March 21, 2016

Of Coffee And Conversations

I started liking coffee because of Vartika Chauhan.  I met her three years ago when I was working in a television show. As fate would have it, we always ended up sharing the makeup room and I must tell you, she made quite an interesting co-occupant. Calling out for her first of many cups of coffee for the day as soon as she stepped inside the makeup room, taking contemplative swigs from her cup while getting her makeup done, Vartika Chauhan was a true coffee addict.

Sharing the makeup room with a coffeeholic started to have its effect on me. Walking around with her cup of coffee, taking slow leisurely sips while unfolding stirring narratives, Vartika got me intrigued about the drink. Was it her who offered me a sip of her drink or did I ask for it, it is hard to remember now, but soon we were sharing her cup of coffee while sharing stories. I realized I had turned into a coffee enthusiast when I noticed I had started to have more than my share of Vartika’s coffee. From then onwards, much to Vartika’s delight, I started to ask for my own cup of the energizing beverage.

In an ideal world, I would want to share makeup rooms with Vartika all my life! We don’t get to meet as often as we would like to anymore, but whenever we do, we share coffee and conversations like before. Last week we recreated our makeup room reverie with TATA Coffee Grand which I was recently introduced to by the brand. TATA Coffee Grand claims to give coffee lovers a premium range of Russian coffee and the experience of sipping barista-made coffee from a coffee shop. A smooth blend of agglomerated coffee powder and freeze dried coffee that promises a superior taste and rich aroma. I always bestow the responsibility of brewing the perfect cup of coffee on Vartika and she prepares 2 cups of coffee according to our preferences, mine a little stronger and hers a little sweeter. And once again, with our beloved cups of warm coffee in hand, with the strong and stirring taste and aroma between us, we dived into our endless conversations.



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