Thursday, March 31, 2016


I recently read an article where Adrian Brody talked about time perception. He stated that time seems to speed up as we grow older. It most certainly does. If I may believe the theory thatour perception of time may be in proportion to the length of our lifespan,” it makes sense why all my conversations towards the end of the year have turned into “how on earth is it December already?”

Didn't summer vacations seem to last for the longest time when we were in school? This time when I visited my hometown, I expected time to pass with at same leisurely pace as it used to when I was 10. But my 10 days sabbatical to Chandigarh and Dehradun seems like a whirlwind of conversations with Ma, tea sessions with my family, catching up with old friends and constant wonderment at how old my niece and nephews have grown.

Back in Mumbai, time shows no mercy on me as I find myself unceasingly chasing deadlines (and umm.. mostly failing to meet them.) Meet my partner in crime who is making sure I am on time today, the elegant Skagen Rungsted Bracelet Watch. Keeping it super simple for a super busy day, I created a fresh and clean look with my trusty old classic button-down paired with a brown midi pencil skirt, along with Skagen’s minimalistic and functional steel mesh watch from its Rungsted Collection. Because you need to be on time while keeping it stylish right?

Until next time!



  1. Such a beautiful timepiece <3 Hope you are enjoying with your family!

  2. Yes truly said, I want to go back to that phase of my life where summer vacations were sooo apt, amazing,.. After growing up, no such happy awesome vacations.. Miss those days,.. The Skagen Rungsted Bracelet Watch is stunning

  3. Yes Its a Nice post After time.


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