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The blush beauty of the hush island of Suomenlinna
The lovely setting aboard the boat hostels and hotels docked in Stockholm

Bored of the same old Europe photos of friends and want to do something a *bit* different, while still making the most of your Europe trip? Read on for our picks on 5 awesome things to do in Europe.

1. Helsinki - Spend a day exploring Suomenlinna island on foot.

Just a short 15 minute ferry ride away from mainland Helsinki, the island is nothing short of a fairytale land dotted by beautiful flora and fauna and mellow shades of rose pink and tan brown architecture. Whether you're exploring solo or with your significant other, this is one place that'll captivate your heart.

2. Stockholm - Stay on a boat hotel / hostel!

Set amidst water channels that a large number of locals use for local transport, Stockholm offers a very unique way to experience the city in motion via a bunch of hotels and hostels that are situated onboard docked boats by the harbour. Try it out, even if just for one night. It'll be an experience you'll remember always.

Visitors interact with the immersive exhibits at the Spy Museum, Berlin
The remnants of the Berlin wall are a grim reminder of history that should not be repeated, but also a monument that marks the victory of collective good
3. Berlin - Retrace history and go on a spy trail

Perhaps no other city would count as a 'live museum' of history's wars that changed the very dynamics of modern society as much as Berlin. Even if you're not a history buff, Berlin is hipster paradise and coffee heaven - but drop by the brand new Spy Museum and consider going on a walking tour of the city after revising some history. Newer holiday packages would have this inclusion, but do double check!
Sunset over the Main river in Frankfurt am Main, as seen from the cruise

Old town of Reval in Tallinn

4. Tallinn - Rewind time in Reval, the Old City

If you're looking for a place in Europe where you'll forget to do Euro to INR conversions, this is the city you should visit (most of Eastern Europe is affordable, compared to the central and Western regions). What makes Reval, the old town of Tallinn so special is the seamless mix of a charming old town along with the modern amenities we have come to expect of our digital lives. Estonia is one of the leaders in e-governance, so it achieves this combination brilliantly well. Speaking about Euro to INR conversions, how does a fine dining experience at one of the best restaurants @ just 15 Euros sound to you?!

5. Frankfurt - Cruise the Main river by sundown
Frankfurt is often referred to as the Manhattan of Germany, thanks to its thriving banking and financial district. But you'll be in for a pleasant surprise the moment you step on to a leisure cruise on the Main river. Best experienced around sundown, it's an almost magical transformation from the hustle bustle of the metropolis to a tranquil and regal setting with a backdrop of Germany's finest architecture.

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