Wednesday, June 8, 2016


I was in second year of BA Mass Communication in Dehradun when I got through an audition for a TV series. As ecstatic as I was, I was also slightly nervous about going to Mumbai. I remember one of the last lunches that I had with Tripti before leaving when we went to a recently opened momo joint across the street from our college. There sat my Tripti biting into hot succulent momos, sharing every bit of my excitement and nervousness as if she was herself embarking on the journey I was about to start.

I missed a lot of things in Mumbai; the sound of thunder and rains, the taste of Dehradun momos that is hard to find here, the scooty rides we used to take in Rajpur Road after college, but I never needed to miss Tripti as she was always just a phone call away. On numerous auto rides back home after long and tiring days of auditioning, she was the one I used to call to share my delights and frustrations. She would hear me out patiently before sharing her voice of reason, making me feel as if everything was going to be okay.
I did a lot of back and forth between Dehradun and Mumbai to complete my graduation. Thanks to Tripti, I was always updated with the college gossip and her notes helped me a ton during exams! Now tell me wouldn’t you call a friend like her a life savior! I don’t get to meet Tripti as often as I would like to, she lives in Delhi now and I live in Mumbai. The last time I met her was in February when I had gone to visit my family in Dehradun, and honestly I don’t know when will be the next time that I meet her. But because of Tripti, I have realized that far away is never too far for a friend that is close to heart.

When the LAVA mobiles team asked me to write a post about a person I can depend on unconditionally, I wrote about Tripti because she never let’s me down. Lava understands how important being reliable is. We all face situations when we fall back on things that'll stand the trial. This is why all LAVA phones are put through thousands of tests before they reach you. These tests ensure that no matter what ups and downs you go through, your phone will never let you down.



  1. Love you so much Kara.. You are truly a blessing in my world, the best mentor and friend anyone could ever have.


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