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When you enter Goa, you leave the stress of making a living behind and actually live your life. The picturesque views make for a soulful retreat by the day and amalgamate into a vibrant party nucleus by the night. Whether you want to rejuvenate your senses or simply let your hair down, Goa offers the best of both worlds minus the judgement. There are a plethora of Goa Hotels that open right at the beach, where you can unwind and watch the sunsets. The culturally rich state is so absorbing, by the time you have to check out—your heart must have become a part of Goa’s magnificence. That’s exactly what the typical vibe of Goa is made of—the love, happiness and mirth of every soul that touches its sands! Believe us, your Goa to Mumbai flight will not be an easy one to take. 

Here are 5 reasons why you need to visit Goa in the summers!

1)     Budget friendly
In winters, Goa is swamped with foreigners and the prices are usually escalating by the day! The best part about heading to Goa in summers is that both flights and hotels will be available at cheap prices. In fact, you can even score a few good bargains while shopping. Since the crowd will be less, the shopkeepers will be more than happy to sell you your favourite bikini at throwaway prices.

2)    Discover Goa minus tourists
While Goa is buzzing in winter, you can actually explore the real hidden gems of Goa in summer—peacefully! Head off to the forts, sunbathe in scenic beaches and explore the old side of this beautiful state, without having to go through crowds and “booking full” hassles. In fact, this is the best time to enjoy quiet romantic evenings with your partner in a waterfront restaurant.

The Shigmo Festival
3)    Summertime festivals
In summer, Goa is throbbing with liveliness. Some of the best festivals to explore are Shigmo (March), a street festival including folk performances, music, dance and parades; Grape Escapade (April), a wine festival; the Goan Food and Music Festival (April); the Konkan Fruit Fest (April); and the Goa Heritage Festival (May).

4)    Insta-ready pictures
Catch the most beautiful sunsets, and look stunning hot in bikinis because it’s summertime! Capture some of the best shots of secluded beaches in peace, without having to look around for a spot devoid of tourists. Click and upload!

5)    Watersports
While winter can get very cold for watersports, and monsoon doesn’t permit it, summer is the best time to get your adrenaline up and pumping! In fact, since it is not the peak time, you will be able to enjoy the sports without burning a hole in your pockets.

So what are you waiting for? Start planning to ditch the heavy traffic and your cubicle for a summer vacation in Goa! 

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