Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Being Your Own Boss And Getting Paid Hassle Free

I have always wondered how life would be if I was employed in a company? Would I enjoy rushing to my cubicle every morning? I sometimes feel working with hundreds of other workaholics all under one roof is rather motivating, but then again, I wouldn’t give up my life as a blogger for anything.
Today, a lot of enthusiastic youngsters come up to me and ask me-  How do I become a blogger? To be honest, it’s not all glam and TLC as a lot of people might mistake it to be! Yes, I am passionate about my work—and getting paid to follow your desires is actually a dream come true.
The best part about being a freelancing is that it allows me to travel and work.  . I can head to the hills with my laptop and work (of course if there are no events and activations to attend!). In fact, since India is rapidly developing its digital platforms, we are in the best era to take that digital plunge. According to a freelancer study  done in 2017, 38% of freelancers agree that they like to be their own boss and love the income  they get with it.
The study also says that 4 in 5 freelancers get work from Australia, UK and US. For that reason, now my blog isn’t restricted to working with local clients anymore. I am able to pick projects from all over the globe; there are international fashion ecommerce sites, designers as well as tourism and hospitality clients willing to explore the Indian market.
If you do not have international bank accounts, you might wonder how the payments are processed for international projects. Fret not! PayPal makes it easy for me. You won’t believe but close to 74% of freelancers use PayPal! In fact, most businesses across the globe use PayPal and hence it makes getting paid a hassle-free procedure. Another benefit of working with PayPal has been that now not only I can receive my payments quick and safe, but also pay the freelancers I hire easily. I work with talented people from across the world and I don’t have to write cheques or exchange currencies to clear their payments. I simply pay with PayPal.
So my advice to all the youngsters who ask me about blogging and freelancing, yes, go ahead! Be your own boss, travel the world and grow your network while getting paid in  a safe and secure manner.  And that’s not even the best part of all of it. Now that everything is digital, the world is your canvas—go paint a plethora of opportunities! 

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