Wednesday, March 7, 2018


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Dreams don’t have expiry dates but they have a habit of staying in one’s mind or heart, and pop up once in a while. Things, sometimes, start to go wrong when you ignore these pop-ups. The key is to find a balance between what your dream is and crafting a way to achieve them without really giving up on it.

My father always advised me to strive to attain this balance by investing my time and money into achieving my goals. His financial advice has always been to make investments whose fruits I could reap over time. So when I came across Bajaj Allianz Life Goal Assure ULIP plan I realised it resonates with what I have been hearing from my father. It is a great investment scheme to secure your #LifeGoals and enjoy them.

It’s an investment plan for those looking at getting the most out of their investment and also getting tax benefits at the same time. The new ULIP plan offers amazing unique benefits to this plan like the Return Enhancer feature wherein if you opt to receive the maturity benefit in installments (and not lump-sum) over a period of five years, then you will receive the benefit of an addition of 0.5% of each due installment and also a feature called Fund Booster wherein an additional amount is added to the Fund Value on the date of maturity of the policy. Imagine having the security to achieve your goals and also earning some money while you’re at it. Talk about a sound investment!

We live in a day and age where everything is available to us at the sound of a click so it makes sense that information for important life decisions like investments are also made accessible to us online. Bajaj Allianz was not kidding when they claimed that this is a policy designed for new generation investors of India, you can visit the company’s website where you’ll be guided through each step of the policy with ease. The website is interactive, intuitive and dare I say fun as compared to other investment policy websites you might’ve seen. It is designed to guide customers through every step of their #LifeGoals planning and purchase. You can make informed decisions using tools such as Risk Xplorer, Goal-based journey and Returns Calculator.

Whenever you’re making an investment and I mean any kind of investment, always do your research, think about it, talk to experts (in your life or otherwise) and take second opinions. While doing my research I found out that the ULIP Funds of Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance have consistently delivered one of the best CAGR returns, beating the benchmark indices over a longer horizon of three, five and ten years. Those, mind you, are some amazing numbers.

If you’re one of those people who have some goals and ambitions set for their life and have already set their plans in motion to achieve them then I highly recommend you to consider this policy to be your wingman in your journey to your goals.

Future cannot be predicted but the possibilities of it turning out to be beautiful can sure be created. And that too, only by you. 

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