Tuesday, February 27, 2018


Whether you are at the onset of a new job or trying to bag that promotion, it’s imperative to make a striking impression. Your colleagues take cues from your demeanor when arbitrating your capabilities. Like it or not—the professional fraternity does judge a book by its cover. And while your work-wear wardrobe boasts of elegant, crisp clothes, your footwear is equally important. Don’t fret if you can’t find the time to shop at a brick-and-mortar store. You can simply buy ladies footwear online. From loafers to pumps—the variety is inevitable to overlook.

These are also referred to as ‘court shoes’ and come without any laces, straps and buckles. If your work doesn’t involve a lot of walking around, these are perfect for making your frame look sharper. Pump shoes make a person look taller and accentuate your calves, derriere and chest to give you a lean appearance. However, since these are very difficult to strut around in, ensure to put them on only if you are taking the road route to work. Pair these with a pencil skirt or cropped trousers for added appeal.

These shoes date back to the 1930s and have been preferred since they are more comfortable to walk in. Wedges come in a wide range of heel size and can be worn on a regular basis. If you have heavy ankles, these will add shape and make them look less bulky. It goes with almost any style of clothing so irrespective of what you decide to wear to work, wedges are a safe bet!

Block heels
If you like to look stylish but dread the stilettos, thank your stars for this one is back in trend! Block heels are not pointy and have a wider base so you can strut around during the coffee break comfortably.

For days when you can’t be bothered with heels or laces, these dressy slip-on shoes can take your outfit from laidback to striking. Subtle and elegant, loafers come in a plethora of types and shades. Look professional in these and pair them with slim fit trousers to stand out.

This shoe which lost its charm a decade ago has found its way back into the style scene. Simply don a mule sling back with your trousers to look perfect for that important meeting!

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