Saturday, June 30, 2018

Travel with Your BFFs Without Running Out Of Money!

Imagine being in the middle of an exuberant holiday with your best friends! Feel like packing your bags and leaving right away? However, you must start saving money and planning your finances before the trip to avoid any hassles. What is even more important is to own plastic money. Find credit cards online with a sufficient limit so you have nothing to worry about.
While expenses like food and accommodation are indispensable, here are some useful tips to keep and mind to make your next girl trip cost-effective!

Spend your points and miles
You may have free miles on your credit card or with airlines that you can put to good use for booking tickets for your travel. For an avid traveller, travel credit cards are recommended over regular debit cards since credit cards offer a great opportunity to earn free points that can be redeemed for airfares, hotels, or cash. Different cards offer different benefits that fit different people. Axis Bank’s Titanium Smart Traveler Credit Card is a great choice for a wanderer. You can score points for travelling ab-road, and even on hotels, holiday packages, airlines, and train and bus bookings in India.

When travelling with your girls, invest in sharing accommodations, group tours and interacting with people on your journey! Look for low cost options like hostels and home stays. These offer a much more authentic and local experience. Communities like Couch surfing and Global Freeloaders have a large network and offer options for free stays around the world and are al-so a great way to get in touch with other travellers.

Look For Deals And Discounts
The Internet is your friend. Cashback websites and apps today let you look directly for stores that you want to shop at and earn a percentage of your money back on purchases, so you can save while on your trip. Also, cash withdrawals on your ATM card incur bank charges. It’s always advisable to pay using your credit card/debit card while traveling so you do not use up your cash and at the same time keep earning more points.

Eat where the locals eat
When looking for places to eat, try to stay as far away from the tourist traps. Food at popular haunts is often double the price and half as good.  Street food and small restaurants with more local customers offer cheaper, tastier food that is less likely to get you sick as it’s usually fresh due to the high churn and will save you money. What’s more, with travel cards you can actually score amazing discounts on some really good eateries around.

So go ahead, make memories!


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