Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Aishwarya Rai and other bollywood celebs in old advertisements

I don't know why people hate Ash. I mean I am not crazy about her but I can't help but admire her. She is about to turn 38 for god's sake, and still she looks as gorgeous as ever. Anyway, I found her old advertisements that I am sharing with you, don't even remember watching them.
What about you, are you a fan or a hater??

Now this one I remember, the eye donation one. God she is so perfect!!

Here are other old advertisements that today's celebs have starred in before they were famous.

Genelia D'souza's Parker Pen advertisement

Amrita Rao's old advertisement

Shahid Kapoor's old Pepsi advertisement. * You have to see Shahid in this! ROFL*


Vidya Balan's old advertisement

 Preity Zinta in Liril TVC - 1997 




  1. Nostalgic... these ads used get aired when I was in school, wish can relive those school days :)

  2. Neither...I mean like her as a model but not at all as an actor but she certainly is etherally beautiful!

    Thanks for dropping by my blog...how abt following each other?


  3. @mumbai m d ,@rakshanda@inky pinky
    thanks for leaving your lovely comments. appreciate it. :)

  4. sorry but you can count me as a hater...I find her too plastic and over-hyped in beauty segment...ok her eyes are undoubtedly gorgeous but nothing apart from that strikes me...but she does look great in certain photo shoots of her but I would rather not watch any of her movies or listen to her voice!!! guess my comment is too negative..sorry for that...

  5. @ swati.. no no dont be sorry... hehe

  6. Neither! Actually I was gonna say the same thing at Inky Pinky! :)

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  7. Oh I love Ash's look and the way she has come up in the industry on her own terms.

    I think shes perfect for posters but not movies ;-D


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